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Dr. Robert Watkins has treated more professional athletes with spinal injuries than any surgeon in the world.  He has established a reputation of professional integrity by acting in the best interests of his patients and providing his patients with comprehensive spine care.


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Laser Spine Institute Closes It’s Doors. Watkins Spine is Here to Help!

Amid reports of million dollar malpractice settlements, the Laser Spine Institute shutdown it’s nationwide spine surgery practice. For over a decade, our contention has been that the laser has no functional purpose in spine surgery, other than a marketing gimmick. The laser has been around for many years, we do not know a single legitimate spine surgeon who uses it. If it worked, we would all use it. The basic problem with the laser is that when tissue (disc, ligament, or bone spur) is pushing on a nerve causing pain, you cannot burn away the structure without risking burning the nerve. That’s why no one uses it. Patients were victim to marketing of the laser because of their desire for no surgery with a permanent solution. The laser seemed to answer both of these desires.

Our approach at Watkins Spine is to help people with everything possible to avoid surgery, including our free app Back Doctor and comprehensive list of Podcasts. When surgery is the best option we perform the least invasive microscopic surgery with the safest and best outcomes. With our patient-centered approach, we have successfully taken care of more professional athletes than anyone in the world. The laser is finally gone, if we can help please give us a call: Anitra 310 448 7844.

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